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A good Logo Design adds value faster than it adds costs.

Your company’s logo is the face of your company. A logo is a business’s brand identity and thus, is going to speak volumes about it. Even if someone doesn’t recollect your company by its name, if your logo is impactful, it will always be remembered.

In the business sector, all the companies are recognized by their logo. Logo creates a visual appeal and thus, helps the people symbolize or associate a company with it. You might not even recall the work the company does, but a great logo isn't easily forgotten. We, at TekWallet, will work towards providing your company with an effective and dynamic logo.

We believe that nothing works like simplicity and elegance. The same is reflected in our logo designs too. Our aim is not to add unnecessary elements and complicate your logo, but to keep it simple, classy, and effective.

Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.

What Makes Our Designs Unique?

We will take the time to understand what your brand is about and design a logo that matches your brand's personality. We will use colors, shapes, and fonts that go with the theme of your brand and its ideas. No aspect or element of the logo we design will be random. Every little detail about your brand and every tiny preference will be kept in mind during the logo designing process.

Our skilled professionals will understand your business ideology and the brand you wish to create for yourself. After getting a deep insight into that, we will work to formulate a visual representation for your business. A logo is a part of the company that is used not just on the website or in the brochure, but every single aspect of the business that requires a physical means of display.

We understand this and will give you a logo that will impress you and your potential clients. A brand’s logo plays a huge part in brand recognition, and it is our duty to ensure that your brand does not fall short of the recognition it deserves.

With us, you can rule over social media, 24X7!

Our dedicated team burns the midnight oil to better the social media representation of your business. Our social media plans and tools help you design effective campaigns and promote your business. We streamline your campaigns so that they work better and more efficiently.

key features
  • Affordable And Cost-Effective – We will work towards creating a unique and memorable logo for your brand at reasonable and inexpensive rates.
  • Innovative Design - Our team of skilled graphic designers will work towards creating a logo that is innovative and fresh, while at the same time, not complex.
  • Brand Recognition - The logo we create will be in compliance with the theme and idea of your brand and will call for instant brand recognition.
  • 365 Usage - We will create a logo that your company can show off on a plethora of platforms, like social media pages, websites, merchandise, and so on.

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Why Choose us?

Our designers at Tek Wallet understand what your brand means to you, and will work towards providing a logo that not only appeals to the eyes but is of significance too. We don't compromise on our quality of work and will take into consideration everything you are looking for, before designing your logo. We will give you multiple options to choose from until you are satisfied with the final logo design.

How we work


The first step is understanding what your brand does and what you are looking for in your logo.

Creating The Logo

Based on the discussion, we will use suitable colors, fonts, and shapes to create a logo that describes your company in the best possible way.

Logo Approval

We will give you a few logo options from which you can either pick one or ask us to create something different altogether as per your feedback.

Final Logo

Keeping your feedback in mind, our team will work on delivering one perfect logo that you approve of and suits your brand’s personality perfectly.

Technologies We Use